Video Contracts and Other Video Legal Documents


Utilizing the latest technology available, Zimmerman Law Group prepares video contracts and other video legal documents that comply with all requisite state requirements to be deemed valid legal instruments enforceable in courts of law.

We provide easy-to-follow instructions for clients to make a video from the comfort of their own home indicating the terms of their contract or other legal documents.

In addition, and at no additional cost, clients can also include photographs and personalized videos if desired to better explain the intention and purpose of the legal document.

We securely store these videotaped legal instruments online in a manner that enables them to be easily accessed by clients.

Video contracts and other video legal documents provide certain advantages compared to writings typically used today for such purposes. For example, a person’s intentions can be more clearly understood from a video than from writing alone. In addition, a video can provide powerful evidence that a person was of sound mind and was not being manipulated when they made these legal instruments. 

Zimmerman Law Group is a pioneer in offering these videotaped legal documents. We enable clients to utilize personalized legal documents instead of the impersonal documents typically used for contracts and other legal documents. And to do so at a reasonable price.

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