Robert Tucker v. The Manhattan Club Timeshare Association, Inc.,

No. 651043/2019, Supreme Court of the State of New York, New York County


Represent individual Plaintiff timeshare member against timeshare company whose owner admitted various wrongdoing in operating the timeshare and agreed to pay a multi-million dollar fine to assure the discontinuance of the New York State Attorney General’s investigation into such wrongdoing.  Plaintiff originally sought to obtain the timeshare’s member list in 2018 to communicate with other timeshare members about his then candidacy for election to the timeshare’s board of directors.  Plaintiff now seeks the list to communicate with other members about continuing wrongdoing at the timeshare.  To date, Defendant has refused to provide the list to Plaintiff.  In September 2019, we successfully defeated Defendant’s motion to dismiss Plaintiff’s Complaint to obtain the list.  In February 2020, we successfully defeated Defendant’s effort to depose us as Plaintiff’s counsel and obtain our records pertaining to other timeshare members we represent.

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